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Spell Slot Tracker


Spell Slot Tracker (to be paired with nine 15mm D6 dice)!


Quick Description:
Standard 9-tier Spell Slot Tracker. Pair with nine 15mm D6 dice.

Full Description:
This spell slot tracker is the perfect main accessory for ANY spell caster! Designed to be paired with a 9 pack of 15mm D6 dice. The center square holds all 9 dice so they are at the ready at the beginning of your session! Move the dice to the slots around the border as necessary throughout your gameplay to easily visibly track your spellcasting tiers! Coming in at roughly 4″x4″, it will be the envy of all the other players at the table (unless they all have similar trackers of their own)! Made of (mostly reclaimed) wood (but can be made of acrylic or a mixture of both by request), this tracker is built to be solid and durable. With highly visible numbers and letters laser engraved into the front and back faces of the unit. The information can be clearly read from a reasonable distance. Please contact directly if you’d like this tracker custom tailored to your specific character. Options can include adding the character’s name, a provided image (headshot, full body or silhouette), your name (so no one can claim this tracker belongs to them and not you), and many other options. Feel free to ask questions about what can and cannot be added to personalize your tracker (preferrably before purchase). Can be hand painted as well for futher personalization! Pick one up today and make your gameplay SO MUCH EASIER to keep track of!


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