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Dice spinners



This listing is for CPUnltd exclusive versions of dice spinners. These are meant to take the place of actual dice for tabletop and other forms of game play for players who are not good at rolling dice (physical disabilities,etc) or just to change things up a bit. They feature a variable friction option where rubber bumpers allow the player to vary the general amount of time the spinner actually spins (on the heavily compliemented bearings used in these spinners) when in use (ex: spin for 3-7 seconds, 10-20 seconds or 30-75 seconds… depending on how much force used by the player to initiate the spin and how much friction is created with the bumpers). The friction bumpers also double well for securing the disk when in transit/during transport. These spinners come in nearly all forms of standard dice types (D20, D12, D10/0, D8, D6 and D4) as well as offering novelty (Rock/Paper/Scissors) and custom options. Please contact for custom novelty versions of these spinners to go over details and receive a specific quoted price on your commission.

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D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4, Rock/Paper/Scissors/Custom/Other