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Modular Display Grid (Display Stand)


Modular display grid. (signs not included)


This listing is for a modular Display grid of unique design. Intended purpose is for use as a solution for traveling artists, crafters and vendors to display various products at conventions, craft fairs and orther “vending” types of events. Its designed to be lightweight, portable, modular (reconfigurable), and as compact as possible.

The body is made of furniture grade pvc tubing with a shelf top of corrugated pvc. A total of 24 square feet of vertical display space is available within the base layout. Display includes precut sections of plastic mesh and fabric strip for displaying charms, earrings, necklaces and pins vertically. This layout is meant to cover a standard 8ft table (or compact to fit a 6ft table) with enough room on all sides to avoid being easily knocked over. Assembled dimensions are 6ft 9in wide, 2ft 3in deep and 5ft 6in to 5ft 9in (above table) height. Current layout shown in pictures can hold over 3000 individual items to display vertically!

Setup and takedown time can be as short as 20 minutes! Entire structure is very lightweight and easy to work with. Most items can be left on the mesh or fabric to simplify/speed up setup and takedown of the display.

Custom options for mesh and fabric can be discussed as well as custom options for layout, parts for backdrops within each section and number of each part included. Please message if interested in a custom option.

Options for displaying magnets are not included in this listing, but can be discussed as well.


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