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Just Being Polite – Heart Magnets


Just Being Polite wooden Magnets.

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This listing is for a quirky set of pins that offers the reader a cute way of realising that the wearer is not quite flirting, but is being polite. This is meant to be a cute conversation starter or clarification for those who are trying to gain that type of attention and aren’t quite understanding why it’s not going their way with the owner of the magnet. Currently made of baltic birch plywood or reclaimed wood. Laser cut, laser engraved, hand painted and hand assembled. These magnets currently come in 3 verions of the color scheme of the heart… A standard red heart, an Aromantic heart and and Asexual heart.

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Color Patterns

Red Heart, Androphilia Heart, Aromantic Heart, Asexual Heart, Bisexual Heart, Genderfluid Heart, Genderqueer Heart, Lesbian Heart, Neutrois Heart, Non-Binary/Enby Heart, Pansexual Heart, Polyamorous Heart, Polysexual Heart, Transgender Heart


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