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Energy Blade Pride Charms


Energy Blade Pride Charms: Laser engraved and cut in the shape of energy blades lined up to make flags. Each charm proudly dons various hand painted LGBTQ+ flag layouts!


This listing is for a series of pride charms based on the shape of “energy blades.” Laser engraved and cut, each charm proudly dons various hand painted LGBTQ+ flags!

Show off your pride with these vibrant charms on your keys, backpack, jacket, or wherever you see fit. Each charm comes with either a keyring or a “lanyard” clip to make your options for wearing them as vast as possible! Grab yourself one (or a few) today and let the world know your identity!

Not feeling quite “included” with the options here, feel free to pick “Custom” in the selection menu and send a message in regards to what flag you’d like to have that was not already listed (otherwise, expect an email from me asking, essentially, this question).

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Ace/Asexual, Androphile, Aromantic, Bi/Bisexual, Genderfluid, GQ/GenderQueer, NB/NonBinary, Pan/Pansexual, Poly/Polyamorous, Polysexual, Gay(Rainbow), Trans/Transgender (MtF), Trans/Transgender (FtM), Custom


Keyring, Clip


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