Cufflinks with laser engraved faces (earth)

Earth Cufflinks


Cufflinks with laser engraved faces (earth)



This listing is for a pair of cufflinks where the face has an engraving of earth. These cufflinks come with faces in wood and multiple colors of acrylic. The cufflink backs come in black, silver and bronze. You are able to mix and match options to build a pair of cufflinks for any and every occasion!

Clarification: “Engraved” means that the continents are engraved, while the oceans are not, while “Embossed means the oceans are engraved while the continents are not. That said, any surface that has color (black, blue, etc) has not been engraved on wood and any smooth surface on acrylic has not been engraved as well.

Additional information


Wood, Acrylic

Acrylic Color

N/A, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, Brown, Custom


Black, Silver, Bronze

Engraving Style

Engraved, Embossed