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Ear Saver Straps


Ear saver straps reinvented for the most comfortable long-term use. Quick installation, does not get caught in long hair, very thin, lightweight, flexible and durable! (for N95 masks and most others with elastic ear straps)


This listing is for a reinvented version of the currently popular ear savers! Designed to connect the back of the ear straps on standard N95 (and similar variations) masks. These ear savers are made from a very lightweight, flexible, strong plastic. The redesign tackles a few different issues with the originals that most are selling.

Firstly, this design is practically unable to get caught in long hair. 2nd, the locking tab/slot method used to secure the strap to the mask is a lot more reliable (harder to slip off accidentally, especially from making adjustments). The material is a lot more lightweight and water(sweat)proof for repeated and long-term use. Premade designs coming soon, but customization/personalization is available now!

Personalization/customization options include names/nicknames and various other text at this time.

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Standard, Personalized Label, Custom Text, Specialty Design


D20, Flower of Life, Lotus, Pokeball, Rose, Tribal Wolf, Triforce, Viewmaster Reel


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