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Charm Tree (Rotating Display Stand) Sapling Version


Charm Tree (Rotating Display Stand) Sapling Version


This beautiful tree measures at about 21″ wide, up to 9″ tall and can hold up to an incredible 120 1″ wide charms (or keychains/dog tags) with no overlap!!! Each level rotates independently (by hand). Charms can be “prepopulated” on each arm so all that needs to be done on site is the unboxing and assembly in the order you wish to display your items! Branches slide and lock to a pair of stem rings for stability around the stem. The acrylic can be cut in various colors and the stem can be painted in many more colors to match, compliment or contrast the surrounding decor of your complete setup. See separate listing to pay for specialty colors of acrylic

Full build takes roughly 5-7 minutes to assemble. Trunk (base), roots (feet), branches and stem rings are all laser cut. Branches can be individually engraved.

Each branch can hold up to 20 1″ wide charms/tags. The branches have evenly spaced 0.1″ holes along the bottom in order to allow for charms to be very balanced in display. The holes are big enough to allow for most lanyard/keychain clips, lobster clasps, smaller S biners and smaller carabiners. This layout allows for each tier to hold up to 120 1″ items.

If used for thinner earrings, this stand can hold up to 120 PAIRS. The calculation of the number of charms at 1″ in width utilizing the current spacing has each charm clipped in every other hole of the branch. Thinner objects would be able to be displayed closer together, hanging from every hole (or two in the same hole) allowing 20-40 items per branch, 120-240 items per tier! This allows for a LOT of mix and match possibilities for displaying. Extra tiers and trunks are available via a separate listing and will allow you further expandability and modularity!

There will be future modifications added to this stand, allowing for further versatility as new designs for the branches, trunk and stem rings are created and finalized. Feel free to inquire about optional custom designed arms for your unique display purposes.



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