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TLDR: THINGS AREN’T WORKING OUT, SO I’M SHUTTING DOWN THE SHOP AND DOING SOMETHING ELSE. READ BELOW FOR MORE INFO! I’ve sat and thought about how I wanted to word this for the longest time. To do my best to… Continue Reading…


Photos (Google) reminded me today that I posted these 4 years ago. I LOVE the backstory to why I ended up making these and their variants… so I shall share on their 4 year anniversary. (Cue up the nostalgic music… Continue Reading…


Recently got the bright idea to design earrings based on fruit… and here we are today, with a whole line of fruit-based pairs of earrings, whole fruit and slices! Make sure to drop by the webstore and pick up a… Continue Reading…

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This past week has been pretty interesting. Enjoy the updates from the last couple of weeks of modifications and other projects! Make sure to subscribe to the channel to get these videos earlier, or join my patreon to get them… Continue Reading…


Custom Processing Unlimited located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and I make cool stuff with lasers!


These plaques are a recent commission requested by a close friend. It’s of a piece of art made by a good friend of theirs that they had made into a tattoo.


Wanted to share a recent commission that was done for a new client. This one, in particular, was a bit of a joint effor with the client because he did some editing before I make the end product. This is… Continue Reading…


Quick update to prove #CPUnltd is still alive and #MakingCoolStuffWithLasers  Shop is being completely rearranged to accommodate #NewAdaptations coming VERY SOON! #BehindTheLasers #BehindTheTech #CoolStuffMadeWithLasers #SoMuchWorkSoLittleTime #SurvivingThePandemic


With one of the more recent updates of the webstore, I added a new charm to the inventory. It’s a little “toilet humor” inspired by our current pandemic issues. Hope you all can appreciate a little lighthearted joking amidst the… Continue Reading…

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