Mild site revamp

2020 is coming with a lot of unexpected changes. With the onset of the recent Corona Virus pandemic, we have all been given a lot of excess (unplanned) time to catch up on life and take care of things. CPUnltd is no exception to this phenomenon, and with that being said, site changes are coming. Starting with this blog post! 😊

Welcome! (Blog)

Welcome to Custom Processing Unlimited!

Proud to offer great options for all of your electronic needs as well as laser cutting and engraving!

Feel free to click the tabs at the top of the page (or hover for drop-down menus) to check out all the great services and products offered! You will NOT be disappointed!


Due to the onset of the CoronaVirus pandemic, a mass majority of artist and vendors who’s livelihoods depend on conventions, craft fairs, trade shows and festivals have been completely devastated by the call to cancel all of these events by the various Governors of each state. With some restrictions on these events lasting a few weeks, some are currently holding for an undetermined amount of time. CPUnltd is working with other vendors and artists within a collective known as The Item Shop Guild to bring some relief to these individuals and companies. If you see it in your heart to donate, please follow the link below or use the QR Code provided below to offer a little help to those in need. Thank you for taking the time to read this and we all hope you’ll take a moment to donate even a few dollars to this relief fund. Someone’s livelihood could sincerely depend on it!

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