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Arcade Machine Sliding Top Lock Box


Uniquely designed sliding top lock box with an arcade machine theme!


This listing is for a uniquely designed sliding top box with an arcade machine theme! The entire box is covered with a backdrop design as well as an arcade stick, action buttons and a power cord on the back… you know, to plug it in (HAHA)… with the standard arcade coin slot as the sliding top. The coin slot actually fits all standard US coins up to a 50-cent piece, so this box CAN parade as a novelty change bank! The top has a small tab that fits into a slot. The tab is ever so slightly unlevel with the tab to create a friction fit so the top stays in place once the box is closed. This box is laser cut, laser engraved and hand assembled. Inside dimensions are 2 inches by 2 inches by 2 inches (8 cubic inches). This is a wonderful novelty box for being able to hold small, delicate or intricate items that fit your home’s gaming or arcade aesthetic… or specifically for the game room!


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