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Akai’s List

Welcome to Akai’s List! This list is striving to be the primary go-to list for van/bus/vehicle dwellers part-time AND full-time for trusted, honest and affordable mechanics all over the United States (and eventually, abroad).

Ranked Mechanic Options

This is a ranked list of "street" mechanics, employed mechanics, small businesses and full service repair shops that are specifically van/bus/vehicle dweller friendly. Feel free to sift through this list and find an option close to you that is capable of helping you with your vehicle type. Thank you for taking the time to utilize this tool. If you wish to submit a mechanic, small business, or repair shop that you do not see on this list, but feel is worth knowing about, please submit them via the form by following this link. Thank you!


The list below is of mechanics and shops that have been suggested to be added to the list, but have not been submitted via the supplied form. They have simply been submitted with contact information and general details. So it is up to you to research them personally to find out if they are any good at their job. If any of these submissions are supplied via the questionaire with the above mentioned details included, they will be moved above into the ranked table. Thank you, in advance, to everyone who has offered submissions, whether ranked or honorably mentioned!

Chris Bunn/Julio Giron
Auto Truck and RV
689 Lofstrand Ln.
Rockville, MD 20850
Specializes in Trucks, Buses and RV’s, with 110yrs of experience (family-owned)

Sidney Morris
Roadside assistance
Parts delivery
Minor mechanical work
Dallas, TX

Bill Scurry
Certified RV Tech
Reliable RV

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