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Product Origin Story: Viewmaster Reel Coasters

Photos (Google) reminded me today that I posted these 4 years ago. I LOVE the backstory to why I ended up making these and their variants… so I shall share on their 4 year anniversary. (Cue up the nostalgic music and the blurry effects that always come with a flashback)

This was back when I thought it was a good idea to have an etsy account. So a client randomly found me on etsy and emailed me. She asked me if I could laser cut paper because she wanted to make Christmas gifts.

The idea was to cut these out of thicker paper so she could glue them together with actual pictures inside the slots (that are just engraved on the coasters) for friends and family. I LOVED the idea and immediately began my research. Because, she wanted them to ACTUALLY fit in real viewmasters. So I needed to make them as accurate as possible.

In the midst of my research to get all the dimensions accurate, I learned that there are STILL companies (that are international) that make viewmaster reels! They are still popular around the rest of the world, just not in the States (like SO many other things 🙄, but I digress). These companies not only make them, but they offer them in 2D and 3D options. Of course, being nostalgic, I found this fascinating.

I was able to get the specs I needed and made the pieces that the client wanted in time for her to put her projects together. Just so happened that she lived in the area (and not far from my shop). So I was able to hand deliver them to her. I cannot describe the look of pure joy that filled her face and erupted outward when I handed her that package.

On the walk back to the shop, I was enjoying the energy I’d just been gifted in return for this lovely project and it hit me like a brick thrown from a car passing by…”I could make these into coasters!” And thus, the viewmaster reel coasters were born. And they have been popular at practically EVERY event that I’ve displayed them at.

This is one of my absolute favorite origin stories for one of my products. Thank you for enjoying this all the way to the end! And I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. 😁

If interested… you can order them here: https://cpunltd.com/viewmaster-reel-coasters/

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